Monday, January 23, 2012

for art's sake! event - a success!

the lunch for a cause entitled "for art's sake!" was a success, thanks for the support of our beautiful and kind-hearted patrons!
a garden feel at the reception
the day, 21 jan 2012, started with a brief shower.  it was not really heavy, but enough to discourage the faint at art!  bwahahaha!
la huerta de rosario was looking fresh and verdant, as always, as the leaves of the trees and grasses glisten after the rain, to give the guests the freshest feel of the farm.  
fresh yellow bells flowers and wild pink cadena de amor vines set the garden ambiance

the hall was bedecked with fresh flowers from nearby gardens and wild flowering vines from along the farm fence,  hung from twigs and branches attached to the rafters.  
the setting for the guests

cadena de amor
the tables were set on time, i have to personally check each and every piece of cutlery and glass before they were set on.  i am so into setting the mood at the table.

euphorbia blooms, yellow bells, irises and umbrella plant leaves

burikbutikan baao artists, being hosts, arrived first and had time to have fun and do some candid shots.  bwahahaha!  

tobmeb with OsacnaB
OsacnaB with bidibidi
bidibidi with julius
bidibidi with tobmeb
OsacnaB does the final touches on his artwork
and julius reenacts a 'sabotage'.  bwahahaha!
i was enjoying every bit of humour being thrown at me by conniving tobmeb and OsacnaB - all for the fun of it!
bidibidi with guests:  marikor from the Ateneo de Manila Univ., Robin of the Ateneo de Naga, & Eduardo - a Dutch guest of Al Oliva
Kristian Cordero, Robin Brehm
Frank Penones, Jr. Atty. & Mrs. Arnel Caayao

Waying Manlangit-RED of DAR, Marikor of the AdeMU Publishing
Danny, Raul Alcomendaz, Atty. Jof Botor
Eduardo, Rey Tam, Cesar Gumba
Raul Alcomendaz shows the blueprints of his obra maestras
bidibidi with Atty. Tomas Ballesteros & Dr. Ritzie Robosa
OsacnaB with Matt
guests came next and soon the burikbutikan iriga and buhi artists arrived.
Burikbutikan Group, Inc. artists:  Al Oliva, Cesar Gumba, Raul Alcomendaz, Frank Penones,Jr.
bidibidi welcomes guests to La Huerta de Rosario & to the event
at noon, the short program began and i delivered a welcome message.  guest artist fr. albert balderas gave the invocation. 
Fr. Albert Balderas gives the invocation
kristian cordero read a poem from his newly-launched book "minatubod ako sa diklom".
Kristian Cordero reads a poem from his book:  minatubod ako sa diklom
frank penones gave a brief on the arts festival happening in february.  
Frank Penones, Jr. talks about the Arts Fest happening in Feb 2012
thanks and acknowledgements were given, after which everybody was treated to a sumptuous lunch, from bidibidi's kitchen.

each part of the meal was served to each guest by my able and friendly staff.  i could not control feeling some kind of pride to see them execute the culinary choreography that i meticulously taught them, the day before.  bwahahaha!

guests got the chance to mingle while waiting for the art raffle to begin.  
art pieces for the raffle from tobmeb, kristian, bidibidi, OsacnaB, julius.  paulix not in the picture
there were five original works of art by burikbutikan artists for the taking, if one is lucky enough to have his/her name drawn.  kristian donated one of his books and was included in the raffle prizes.
the Burikbutikan Group, Inc.:  Al Oliva, bidibidi, Raul Alcomendaz, Kristian Cordero, Cesar Gumba, Julius Bicaldo, Frank Penones, Jr., OsacnaB.  not in the picture: Paulix Robosa & tobmeb
everybody was excited to have their names picked and own one of the pieces!  i wanted my name on one of those little pieces of paper, too!  bwahahaha!
Robin wins the OsacnaB piece
edna wins bidibidi's flower and dan wins paulix's penafrancia
Fr. Balderas wins Kristian's book
Bing Alvina wins tobmeb's st. bartholomew
each winner in the raffle draw got the chance to have their pictures taken with the artist whose work they won.
mrs. arnel caayao wins Raul Alcomendaz's blue print of The Legend of Lake Buhi

and while the guests were rooting for more pieces, raul alcomendaz gave two of his precious works to be raffled off, much to the heightened excitement of the guests.  he was even giving away more, i just had to ask him to hold it!  bwahahaha!  he was enjoying the party so much that he cannot control his generosity!
bidibidi with Atty & Mrs. Arnel Caayao, and Bing Alvina

Frank Penones, Jr., Jof Botor, Al Oliva, Raul Alcomendaz, Cesar Gumba, Eduardo & a terracotta artist form Iriga

Danny, Edna, Julius, tobmeb, Matt Ballesteros, Ritzie Robosa, Paulix Robosa

so the guests got what they attended the event for:  new friends, renewed friendships, good food in a great place, fine art, peace, hope and love.  what else can one ask for?
robin & OsacnaB
Waying & Marikor
OsacnaB, Bing and Vin
Frank, KC, bidibidi, Fr. Balderas
Frank, Edna, bidibidi & KC
Frank, OsacnaB, bidibidi, KC
Robin & bidibidi
Cesar Gumba does an on the spot portrait of Eduardo

Raul Alcomendaz & his friend artist
Frank, tobmeb, bing, KC,bidibidi
frank, leo arnel & wife, osacnaB, KC, bidibidi, Robin
to our guests, patrons and benefactors, our heartfelt thanks!  
The Arts Fest invitation card released for distribution 21 jan 2012
here's looking forward to the next art encounter - 4 feb 2012.  seeya'll there!