Saturday, February 11, 2012

welcome to an art experience

by OsacnaB

"Art is the refined and intensified form of experience." - John Dewey
to our beloved guests:  emmanuel garibay and ron david,
to all the visitors coming from manila and different places outside baao,
to all the teachers, students and artists

before i welcome you, allow me to thank you for four reasons:
1.  for your presence;
2.  for showing interest and seeing value in art;
3.  for acknowledging that you are artists, and
4.  for accepting the challenge to teach other people to become artists themselves.
art is inseparable to life.  no one can run away from it.  as we live, we want to see beautiful things,  we wish to experience new things that give us pleasure, joy and satisfaction.  even in our ways of dealing with ciscumstances in life, we desire that they happen with ease and order.  even hatred and fear can be starting points of good art pieces, for some.  it is undeniable that art is connected with what we yearn for, experience and the future we care to have.
for us, serious artists, this forum is one way to educate ourselves, to empty first our minds that we may be able to accept new learnings coming from other artists.  it is one way of saying that there are things to be learned, to study, be skilled at, not only through our individual efforts but by interacting and discussing with others.
we may be doing well with our own arts and crafts, we may be convinced that we are the best and no other individual can be greater or even equal with what we believe and do, but always remember, it will never be enough; there are things to be learned, gain knowledge of and we do not know what lies ahead of us in this art world.
put into mind:
botong francisco, a modernist artists, is best know for his murals and his art is a prime example of linear painting where lines and contours appear like cutouts;
h.r. ocampo, a nationalal artist, fictionist, painter, playwright and editor, was a radical modernist artist whose works depict a kind of abstract compositions of biological forms that seem to quiver, inflame and multiply;
fernandp amorsolo, who is popularly known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light;
romulo olazo developing his diaphanous series of abstract paintings;
mario parial, a printmaker, sculptor, painter and photographer;
dominic rubio delving on subject of women, mother and child, ethnic filipina from the earlier period at the turn of the century;
ramon orlina chose to create sculptures from glass, exploring its translucent quality and smooth finish;
oscar salita whose figures and backgrounds speak of traditional filipino culture and rendered in bold colours and interestng geometry;
the belleza family working on almost the same colours and technique, expressing beauty and bright colours in flowers and fruits;
manuel baldemor painting day-to-day activities, people, celebrations and sceneries in simplified geometric froms of folk art character;

how about emmanuel garibay, our beloved guest who will be explaining, demonstrating how he expresses himself through painting which we will see later;
and last, but certainly not the least, ron david, an art collector, who untiringly gathered and is still gathering artworks of masters. . .
they are what they are today, because they see the value of art and consider art as part of their lives and that we crave and aspire to become like them, we aim to do the same.  and so, if we intend, plan or choose to be like these great masters, we now start our art forum 2012 "natudan, matudan" with open minds and grateful hearts. . .

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