Saturday, February 9, 2013


somehow, emosyon was a collaborative arts exhibit.  burikbutikan artists OsacnaB & bidibidi join artists from Albay & Nabua, CS, to pull off a vibrant and colourful show of talents with visions that are tangent.

the invitation for the two artists to join, came from alden velasquez, who is from a neighbouring town, nabua, cs and johnny magdasoc,  from guinobatan, albay.

the interaction proved to be beneficial to all the artists of both groups in that it helped solidify the friendship among the members and it gave time and venue for art to win over differences.


life is definitely good!


berns faustine Brijuega
panch Alvarez
fadi ghaleeb Diaz
10 february 2013
cafe des artes
baao, camarines sur

B A D - an Arts exhibit

to celebrate February, the Arts month, the Burikbutikan Artists Collective, Inc., presents:
B A D - an Arts exhibit featuring guest artists: