Sunday, December 9, 2012

to believe is to create

the burikbutikan artists collective celebrates its 2nd anniversary on 24 december 2012, with a group arts exhibit.
seeya'll there!


Monday, September 17, 2012


bidibidi and her kamgom series
august marks the month when baao celebrates the feast day of st. bartholomew, the town's patron saint.  
OsacnaB & his abstractions
and as our own way of participating in the celebration, the burikbutikan baao group opened an arts exhibit featuring baao artists.
julius and his orchids
friends from chicago and las vegas graced the opening rites.

nancy, bidibidi, nilda
frank penones hosted the short program and dan adan did poetry.
frank penones, jr.

dante adan
it was a simple event, and the fun and the food were simply great!  bwahahaha!
nancy, nilda, mark, michael with bidibidi

life is art is life! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


the visual arts show that will feature the four visual artists of burikbutikan artists collective, from baao, camarines sur.

Friday, July 6, 2012

the LGD memorial unveiling event

bidibidi's short note 
4 july 2012
Luis Guevara Dato's 106th birth anniversary
armi, daughter of the late LGD looks on the newly installed memorial marker
there are many reasons why we establish memorials for people.  some are created as a way of coping with grief while others are built as a remembrance of the person.
the family of Luis G. Dato:  Jeanette Botor-Dato, Agnes Nodado-Olano, Armi Dato, Remedios Esplana-Dato, Vicente Dato, Jr.
for centuries, commemorative statues, monuments have been erected in memory of those who have touched lives and done great things.  such is the reason why we are doing this for Luis Guevara Dato, so future generations will understand and know him and the genius he had in the realm of literature, journalism and poetry.
burikbutikan artists collective, inc:  cesar gumba, julius bicaldo, paulix robosa, al oliva, bidibidi, frank penones jr., jofrey botor, kristian cordero, OsacnaB
the burikbutikan artists collective, inc., my group, is composed of artists from Baao:  Paulix B. Robosa, who made the LGD medallion, now mounted on the pedestal, Julius B. Bicaldo, Fr. Nunilon Arnold F. Bancaso Jr. 'OsacnaB', Jofrey I. Botor and myself, and artists from neighbouring towns and cities of Baao: Frank Penones Jr., Kristian S. Cordero, Al Oliva - all three from Iriga City, Cesar Gumba - Buhi, Pano Carumba - Bula.  
frank, paulix, jofrey & julius
Fr. Nunilon Arnold F. Bancaso, Jr. 'OsacnaB'
Bernadette De Los Santos 'bidibidi'
Frank V. Penones, Jr.
we aim to make art and recognize and honour people who have stepped up and showed exemplary achievements in their own fields and talents in the arts.  who knows, this hhh park might just be the place to be known for having the most number of erected memorials, given the fact that our town, and the rinconada area is so blessed with not only rich and verdant natural resources, but also a pool of geniuses and achievers.
the burikbutikan artists collective with the LGD family and friends

it is the dream of my group to re-create and re-invent baao to be a place of culture and arts, a place where pilgrims would come to know about the town's great sons and daughters.  and today's event is but a first in a long list of plans and projects.
Kgd. Dante O Bismonte - sponsored the SB resolution
we are a lucky group in that we have political leaders who recognize the community's need to see, experience and be immersed in the arts, for it is the arts that feed the soul.
Ernie Verdadero
Kristian Sendon Cordero
Neva Bermundo

Dante Adan

we thank everyone for giving us their precious time and we implore and request that this memorial be given what is its due - value, repect and appreciation.
the Luis G. Dato memorial marker by Paulix Robosa
bidibidi gives this short note

ABS-CBN covers the event
thank you and good afternoon.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Luis G. Dato

Luis G. Dato
a poet, 
a teacher, 
a politician, 
a son of Baao.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

art reunites: IBA - Irigueno & Buhinon Artists

frank penones jr., fr. emil llagas, al oliva, pano carumba, cesar gumba, ben san miguel (not in picture)
they gather at one table in the garden here at the cafe, huddled close, bottles clicking, glasses filling.  the murmur is low, occasional laughter cutting through the hum.  jokes are staples in these gatherings.  most of the jokes are on them, too.  these artists, they love to tease each other.  

they are nervous, i can tell.  the exhibit opening is just about to start, and this is the first time that one such group show is happening here in baao.


reminiscently, i shake my head and wonder how i got here, sitting by the shop, and recalling how this cafe has evolved into the gallery that it is now.

the program started with a prayer and a welcome message, a poem was read, a song sang.  this, after all, is a celebration of the arts and the artists!  the pieces were viewed, some of them inspected, even.  bwahahaha!  pieces were reserved, some sale will be finalized in the coming days, i am sure. yehey!

i did not have to ask anyone to comment on their works, when one engages one's self with one of their works, then, there is no need for words.  the works speak volumes, not only about the piece, but more so about the maker.