Sunday, October 23, 2011

Juanito Penera

la mujer de la huerta - bidibidi collection
juanito penera, nitz, to friends, is one of the artists of the salingoy art group of naga.  ever since i saw nitz's works, i have been drawn to them.  in fact, i have, in my personal collection, four of his works and i love all of them.  he paints with brilliant colours and depicts women so delicately.
mother & child - bidibidi collection
una familia en la huerta - bidibidi collection
tres marias: teresa, bidibidi, dorothy - teresa collection
 my friend atty matt ballesteros also has one of his works.
nuestra senora de penafrancia - atty matt ballesteros collection

he has three works on exhibit now at the cafe des artes, baao, camarines sur, philippines.
currently on exhibit - reserved for teresa
currently on exhibit
currently on exhibit
start your own collection and enjoy nitz's art.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bungkag Kulay - an art exhibit

the Salingoy Art Group
Burikbutikan Baao & Salingoy art Group
Burikbutikan Baao:  OsacnaB, pbprobosa, bidibidi, tobmeb, jbicaldo
this is my belief and am firm with it: artists benefit from relationships with other artists. period.

the medium does not really matter.  what matters is having contact with other creative individuals is inspiring, motivating and definitely necessary.

lomie daliva
rommel perez
richard perez
pancho piano
oct 8 marked the opening of an art exhibit @ the cafe des artes, here in baao, camsur.  this exhibit features artists from naga city, of the salingoy art group.
frank penones and pancho piano
bidibidi, pancho piano, josil and marlene
cris and harold gomez, OsacnaB, tobmeb
pancho piano & bidibidi


Sunday, October 2, 2011

bungkag kulay - an art exhibit

the salingoy art group of naga city 
invites everyone to 
"bungkag kulay" 
on 8 Oct 2011 
@ Cafe des Artes, 
Villa Esperanza, 
San Nicolas, Baao, CS