Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the masters converged in baao

HR Ocampo
art allows us to see the invisible, to call forth light in a world shrouded in darkness.  it speaks to the most real part of ourselves we have forgotten.  it transcends circumstances and gives perspective.
Rubio, Salita, Alcomendaz
we cannot face great art and not be changed. 
san miguel, flores, orlina, castrillo

napoleon abueva, botong francisco
and the world most definitely needs to change - for the better.  what will do the job?
armi & winnie of gnn, OsacnaB, amyor mel gaite, fr. roy, ron david, bidibidi

politics won't do it.  laws and regulations are not enough to transform and convert human hearts.
bidibidi, fr. roy, ron david, emmanuel garibay, frank penones,jr
business won't do it.  economic success does not translate nor turn to happiness and wholeness.  we should know this by now.  
fr. jerome gonzales, ron david, bidibidi
science won't do it.  human progress explains and describes how things works, not why it works.
virgilio briones, baao hs teachers, OsacnaB, Ron David, bidibidi
none of these will work.  neither will intellectualism or sheer brute force.  all these may be good for something, but they are not enough to change the world.
Ron delivers his lecture on tips in marketing and collecting art
we need something more than an explanation or equation.  we need to be restored, repaired, reconditioned.  and only art can do that.
garibay giving his lecture
 for the success of the natudan, matudan - an art encounter event that celebrates the national arts month this feb, the burikbutikan group would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the following people:

Ron David - whose collection he so unselfishly shared with us and the whole town of Baao.  the beauty of the art works of masters, he brought to the cafe des artes, for the students, teachers, artists and enthusiasts to see.  and the beauty of his heart is incomparable.


Emmanuel Garibay - who shared with us his art and the philosophy behind his art.

Lee Arroyo - who so generously lent to us her father's, (Dr. nonito P. Arroyo) art collection, to be part of the exhibit.
Adriel Bersola
Tomas Ballesteros
Bing Alvina
Michael Gaite
John Gonzaga
Audie Agtarap
Marino Britanico
Pete Ballesteros

many thanks to the Mayor Mel Gaite of Baao, for gracing the occasion.


Kristian Cordero, for his poetry, 

and his ateneo de naga university students for participating in the forum

for the teachers and students of Naga Parochial School, Baao Community College, Baao High School, Bicol Rosary Learning Center.

the members of the burikbutikan group will forever be grateful to you for your support which have made the success possible.

also, the group would like to thank all the students, upon whom the hope of baao is placed, who waited and queued to see the works of the masters.
the vision is Baao - a hub for culture and the arts in the rinconada area.
the goal is to educate the youth.
the mission is to make the community 
live. . . again.

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