Saturday, December 31, 2011


My Life is My Art My Art is My Life: cheers!: i only drink wine when i am happy, joyful, cheerful, on cloud nine. and when i am sad, gloomy, down the dumps. sometime...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

have the heart to make art

do you know what happens when a person who has lived in a shell dares to come out?  when a student who has believed she was biding her time to live life for real begins to discover the life in today?  when one writes her thoughts?  when one hums her tunes?  when a believer finally believes?
i know what happens.
art comes out.
most of the time, i am a scared, frightened, terrified creature.  troubled, apprehensive, and worried to risk, to fail, to disappoint.  and do not realize that this burden of insecurity is preventing me from uncovering the imprint of His image on me -  His creative, artistic image.
i have always been heard to say i want to change the world.  not the whole seven continent of it, at least my own, small world, my immediate world.  sometimes, i even use influence, not change, in my attempt to effect it.

but on days like the saturday of 10 dec 2011, i realize that my efforts to change my world are not meaningless, not wasted.  they are not too small.  i only had to have the heart to make art.
usad is a group exhibit by the burikbutikan baao, a local arts collective and i take pride in being "usad ka ngamin".  the show runs the whole merry month of december.  

and my art is on display!  yehey!  bwahahaha!  thank you for the colours!

Monday, December 12, 2011


pbrobosa, OsacnaB, bidibidi, julius, tobmeb (not in the picture)
"usad" - an arts exhibit by the burikbutikan baao, opened last saturday, 10 dec 2011, at the cafe des artes, villa esperanza, san nicolas, baao, cs.

paulix robosa, a member of the group, was initially slated to hold a solo exhibit, however, due to time constraints and personal concerns, decided to invite the other members (OsacnaB, bidibidi, tobmeb and julius) to hold a group exhibit instead.

pbrobosa, OsacnaB, bidibidi, julius
the group chose to use "usad", a local word, as the title of this exhibit.  usad, means one, as the burikbutikan group celebrates its one year anniversary this month.  it also connotes the unity the group has shown throughout their first year of existence as an assemblage.  paulix mentioned about the word signifying our homage to The One, as we celebrate his birth on christmas day.
pbrobosa talks about the title of the exhibit
usad, in the pilipino language, means to move forward.  in this context, OsacnaB mentioned that his parable abstractions represent the moving forward as a result of the lessons learned from the parables.
OsacnaB relates his parable abstrations to the title of the exhibit

ron david, honoured the event by flying in from manila, also to meet and discuss with the burikbutikan group members, the details of  the grand activity that is being planned to celebrate arts month in february next year.
the butikbutikan baao with ron david
other honoured guests who graced the occasion are fellow artists from the pioneering art group 'muknang bikolnon' raul alcomendaz, alfonso oliva and award-winning writer frank penones.  
muknang bikolnon artists:  frank penones, raul alcomendaz, al oliva

 juanito penera, jof botor, raul alcomendaz, OsacnaB,
with Ron David - discussing plans for feb 2012

raul alcomendaz
al oliva and raul alcomendaz - art and friendship thru the years

frank penones talks about the purpose of the feb 2012 activity
salingoy group members who also attended the event were artist couple harold and cris gomez, and juanito penera.
salingoy artists:  juanito penera, cris gomez, harold gomez with julius
harold and cris gomez with pbrobosa

the event would not have been a success, without the presence of fave baao art supporters jofrey botor, rosalie mendez-cheng and ritzie robosa with niece elin tatad.
OsacnaB with frank penones and julius
the burikbutikan baao aims to maintain the vibrance of the arts and culture of baao, our town, and the rinconada area.  this prompts them to invite artists from the neighbouring towns like nabua and buhi and of course iriga city, to take an active part and be involved in the movement and the emergence of a new and dynamic arts group.  it also aspires to make baao, the arts hub in the rinconada area.
standing L to R:  ron david, harold gomez, juanito penera, pbrobosa, frank penones, julius bicaldo, bidibidi, cris gomez, raul alcomendaz; front:  al oliva and OsacnaB
together with my fellow burikbutikan members, i thank everyone for showing their support to and appreciation of our art.  usad is just the first, 
and you all can expect and look forward to start counting. . .bwahahaha!    
julius bicaldo

Friday, December 9, 2011

a rant

My Life is My Art My Art is My Life: a rant: if you think this post is about my diego, then you are wrong. (believe me, my diego is my fave subject to write about. but i got to rant, ...

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Life is My Art My Art is My Life: herak man

My Life is My Art My Art is My Life: herak man: kanigoan na alboroto. siya, iyo man palan. naman. kanigoan na kaanggotan. gibo-gibo niya man palan. naman. hale sa burakburakan. ...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


today i decided to get an early start.  i woke before the rest of the world, grabbed a cuppa brew, the last napoleones from bacolod and headed to my studio downstairs to create.

i sat down in front of my working table, facing the stark emptiness of my blank canvass.  my eyes unfocused for a moment, as i sipped my coffee, waiting for the caffeine to kick in and inspiration to strike.

nothing.  bwahahaha!

i swivelled over to my lappy, noticing the little red thing that tells me i got some comments on my FB.  drawn like a magnet, i checked it out right away.  then, after going through FB notices and emails, i return to my blank slate, which is now rather intimidating.

the clock ticks a little louder as i notice an hour has already passed by.

after an unsatisfying attempt to sketch out a few compositions on the canvass, i justify getting up to wake up manilyn so she can start sweeping off the leaves from my yard.

upon returning, i realize i can't possibly continue without another cuppa coffee and head back to the kitchen just one more time.
while filling my cup, i noticed some magazines skewed from how i put them, so i checked and started to re-arrange them, as i want them arranged.  surely, after this and the second cuppa, i will be more at ease and able to channel my creativity.

only after the minutes turn to hours and my "early start" has become a late one do i realize that i have succumbed to the easy seduction of distractions.

ooops, i did it again!

in reality, it is my own internal resistance to the act of producing something.  feelings of self-doubt, criticism, and negative beliefs produce an anxiety that cripples the creative process.

i often catch myself in this cycle when it comes time to paint.

i become anxious about what the final outcome will be even before i start, and have to force myself to let go and allow myself to create without expectation, without judgement and without protection.  i don't always arrive at the place easily.   sometimes it takes hours, sometimes even days, before i am able to push through the discomfort and put brush to canvass.
i have learned that leaning into the flame, not away from it, is the best solution.  if i allow myself to sit long enough with those uncomfortable feelings, and create anyway, i eventually discover that those feelings subside.

when the craving to distract myself appears, as i know it does, i simply sit and wait for some minutes before taking action.  the power of the craving, while initially intense, will become more tolerable to withstand.  i begin to gain conscious control of myself, rather than instinctively seek a diversion.

i learned to sit still, and work through that resistance to creativity.  it means staying at the canvass, or the computer, and creating nonetheless.  

creativity will win over the feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and criticism.

before i know it, i have that productive day i was seeking.

go, go, go!  create!

ilysm. thank you for the colours!  ♥ ♥ ♥