Monday, September 12, 2011

agi-agi opens

OsacnaB with the Salingoy Art Group
the burikbutikan baao arts collective takes pride in that, OsacnaB (fr. nunilon arnold bancaso, jr.) is one of the featured artists in salingoy's group art exhibit which is currently running at the avenue square, magsaysay ave., naga city.

OsacnaB gives the invocation
the event is entitled "agi-agi" and opened last 10 sept 2011.

Kristian Cordero
Carlos Arejola
Yatoy Caretas
bidibidi with mayor john bongat
pancho piano, gwen cu, bidibidi, maor john bongat, waying manlangit tam
with the salingoy art group
mayor john bongat graced the occasion by 
giving his inspirational message and announcing the eventual opening of the naga city gallery in november of this year.  he further mentioned that the salingoy group will run and manage the gallery once it starts to operate.

OsacnaB with Gwen Cu, Mayor John Bongat, Kristian Cordero, Waying Tam
Pancho Piano shows Mayor Bongat the works of the Salingoy Art Group
bidibidi with gwen cu
rommel perez, mayor john bongat, gwen cu, pancho piano, bidibidi
light moments: carlos arejola, kristian cordero, sarah flora balares, bidibidi, OsacnaB
art patrons and enthusiasts were present during the occasion, which added to its glitz and glamour.

OsacnaB with his Prusisyons

OsacnaB with gwen cu and bidibidi
OsacnaB with sarah flora balares
burikbutikan baao: julius bicaldo, bidibidi, OsacnaB
OsacnaB has on display at the exhibit, four of his abstractions, entitled "Prusisyons:  traslacion, fluvial, perdon, dawn".  these religious processions are held and observed during the penafrancia festival week.

bimbo balares, cris gomez, bidibidi, OsacnaB, harold gomez, sarah flora balares
bidibidi with cris fragata-gomez
bidibidi with gwen cu
the salingoy art group
agi-agi runs until 18 sept 2011.

Friday, September 9, 2011

dulot ki ina opens

for artists, an art exhibit is always a validating experience.

when i got invited to join the "dulot ki ina" exhibit, by elmer oliva, i did not readily accept the idea. for one, i felt inadequate, derisory.

then there was the nagging questions: acceptance? nods?

i must have spent hours dillydallying on my decision. and in moments like these, i would always find myself at my fave spot at the farm, calling on the spirits that be.

i must have mustered enough confidence and courage that days before the set-up, my works were already in naga city. bwahahaha! call that excitement!

sometimes, i get prevented from doing great things because i consider a lot of other trivial and frivolous thoughts too much. for a moment, i have forgotten that i live by these words: just do it!

and yesterday, the exhibit opened and i take pride in being one of the featured artists in: dulot ki ina.

afterall, not only are my works offered to ina, i offer my life as well.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

dulot ki ina

ron l. david
in cooperation with
ako bikol

"Dulot ki Ina"
featuring the works of selected filipino artists


bernadette de los santos

of the

opening cocktails: 8 sept 2011, 5pm
villa caceres hotel lobby
exhibit runs until 17 sept 2011