Sunday, April 3, 2011

art relations

artists benefit from relationships with other artists. period.

it doesn’t matter what the medium is—having contact with other creative individuals is inspiring, motivating, and truly necessary.

this is because whether you’re a hobbyist painter or a professional artist, there is one common element we all have in our day-to-day lives: isolation in the studio.

it’s hard to remain artistically stimulated and motivated in that isolation. . . (at least that is how i feel. bwahahaha! if you disagree with me, blog about it, too. bwahahaha!)

and once you’ve come back from an art-related meeting or workshop feeling refreshed and inspired just by being in the company of other artists, you know exactly how big a difference those relationships make. what with the food and thoughts we share during these meetings!

now imagine a support group that celebrates your accomplishments, stimulates your muse, exchanges ideas and experiences, and helps you develop your potential not once a year, but every single day! sound good?

that is exactly what burikbutikan baao is – art relations.